Blonde moment…

I am having one of these blonde moments…where I am finding that all this writing I am doing “is like soooo serious!” The silly side of me just wants to write some nonsense. Are you up for that?

I find it interesting how serious we as writer’s take ourselves. I for one know that I do. But in these moments when you find yourself needing to laugh…it sure feels good to chuckle with yourself and make the projects we are working on feel en-joy-able!

“High Five” to being silly and giggling with delight!

Journey with me

Through Writing…Your Soul Speaks

Why I write…

Writing helps me gain perspective.
To see what I am to know and understand.
An awakening of my spirit.

Limiting myself to being defined as a writer or a poet
restricts the flow of energy.
I encourage you to remain open.

Continue to seek through living.
To integrate the story,
the telling…

sometimes a poem can be woven in
that flows out of me without
a formal deliberate plan…

other than to convey
what my soul speaks
in quiet whispers.

Often times writing happens
in the uncomfortable silence
knowing as well that…

as you write your soul is speaking
murmuring in quiet whispers…
to you.”

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “Just WriTe'” From the upcoming book High Five to Triumph

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Thoughts on Writing

I am attempting to remember the thoughts that echoed through my mind earlier.
Now as I recall the words, I am finding instead a humble remembrance for all that I am.


The longing to write.
The desire to trust that I am on my path.

My heart is racing with the cadence of my hands.
Hands that have held longing…

What is it going to take to actually let myself immerse in my own writing?
Not just the daily chatter of my morning musings, but fully completely devoted to the task of completion?

It is a journey.
A process that I have been making for half of my life.

There is no need to question how it gets done.
It only matters that I am making steps each day on my path.

The ‘how’ is in the doing of what one knows to do.
Each day you may think that you will begin the day in another way.

That you will not loose yourself in endless reading.
Yet you watch the time slip from you as you escape into another world.
Another place that you may feel temporarily safe.

The guilt is beginning to creep in on you.
Yet you waver in bed longer.
The sun’s been up…

How do others; as artists, poets, writers, and fellow “creatives” engage their energy and time?
Instead of beating ourselves up…can we find gratitude in the moments that we do take to create?
To trust that this day you will find the determination to begin anew.

You are creating your life work.
Honor the process…

May this piece, this poem, this musing provide some compassion.
As we find joy in the journey however it may unfold!

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “Just WriTe'” From the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph”

Photo ©2014 Te’ Werner: “Along the River’s Edge” Columbia River, Washington

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Your Soul Knows


Your soul knows.

You will find your true love when you are not looking.

Love may even come to you in your dreams.

Your thoughts will try and tell you what you think…

only your soul will recognize the essence of the love that lies waiting for you.

Within you.

©2014 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from upcoming book of Soul Poetry: CAPTURED MOMENTS

Photo ©2014 Te’ Werner

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I sat with my grief for the afternoon..

Today, I found myself grieving.

I sat with my grief for the afternoon.
I wrapped myself up in my sorrow.

I couldn’t understand the surmounting grief welling within me.
Finally I burst into tears.

As I sat with these tears,
a moment.

I remembered that love had found me here
love would take me where I needed to go.

The afternoon faded into the night
I sat with the dark.

Drying my tears.
I stood.

I was ready to shift
I let my body take me into the next moment.

I walked into my bedroom
with tears still brimming my eyes

I stopped in front of the mirror
and I told myself.

I know you hurt.
I can see the pain in your eyes.

You are going to be okay.
Everything will work itself out.

In time Te’.
In time.

I had never done that before.
I stood until I could look myself in the eyes.

Blue eyes. Deep blue.
The colour of the sea on a stormy day.

I saw myself as someone for the first time
who has known pain.

I stood there and looked my pain in the eye
And I wept with her.

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted Journal Entry