Te’ Werner is a visionary, intuitive empath who brings healing through her words & poetic writing. Inspiring us to create & celebrate Triumph in our lives!

Her writing journey began twenty-five years ago at the wisdom of her younger sister and continues to be a daily transformational experience.


“I began to write as a way to express myself. I found a place to be heard amidst the pages of my journals. Later I would learn that through my writing, I could listen to my own soul speak. Writing is my breath on paper.”

Te’ invites you, to journey with her as she writes her first book, an inspirational memoir “High Five to Triumph!” It is her hope that you will listen to your own soul speak as you read the stories of her life. Perhaps along the way, you will remember a few stories of your own. May this be an inspiration to “let your dreams take flight!”


Many of us hold onto our dreams and never set them free to be out in the universe. We all can experience daily triumph in our lives by how we bless and celebrate our experiences. An acknowledgement of the Divine within.

May you make your way to your soul through realizing what dreams you hold onto and what dreams you can set free and give flight too. Blessings to you on your journey to Triumph!

Te’ invites you to visit her website at https://www.tewerner.com

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