Honour what is sacred for you
and what you are creating.

Respect what you know to be true for you.
You above all know.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2017 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “On Higher Ground”

©2017 Photo
Te’ Hiking Horse Heaven Hills, WA


Journey of Life


“Everything in life eventually comes full circle to create wholeness.” – Te’

High Five to the Journey of Life!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

Photo ©2015 creaTe’ Design Swirl

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High Five to Yourself!


“High Five “ is something silly I began to do, to congratulate myself! Whenever I accomplished what I felt was really great, I would say out loud; “Great job Te’!” “Way to go sister!” “You are awesome!”

I would even “high five” myself in front of my boys. They still think I am a bit crazy. But hey, who isn’t?

Today I challenge us to “high five” ourselves. Feel the magic and power of acknowledging ourselves…because we are great. We are making a difference as we create. We are inspiring the world!

High Five to Yourself!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

©2015 Photo;  Warrior Te’

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My Spirit…


My Spirit seems…

to have transported me
to feel the depth of my soul.


Yesterday, healing wrapped
its way around my heart…

touching it gently with grace.

©2014 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

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I sat with my grief for the afternoon..

Today, I found myself grieving.

I sat with my grief for the afternoon.
I wrapped myself up in my sorrow.

I couldn’t understand the surmounting grief welling within me.
Finally I burst into tears.

As I sat with these tears,
a moment.

I remembered that love had found me here
love would take me where I needed to go.

The afternoon faded into the night
I sat with the dark.

Drying my tears.
I stood.

I was ready to shift
I let my body take me into the next moment.

I walked into my bedroom
with tears still brimming my eyes

I stopped in front of the mirror
and I told myself.

I know you hurt.
I can see the pain in your eyes.

You are going to be okay.
Everything will work itself out.

In time Te’.
In time.

I had never done that before.
I stood until I could look myself in the eyes.

Blue eyes. Deep blue.
The colour of the sea on a stormy day.

I saw myself as someone for the first time
who has known pain.

I stood there and looked my pain in the eye
And I wept with her.

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted Journal Entry