She lives on in the magic of my joy…

She left days after my Golden 50th birthday. She left this earth plane after her work was done. She left when her mama knew Her joy as Her own soul. 

As the summer sun faded…
our beloved Angel Bailey
took her last breath..

As tears of grief and shock
streamed down our faces
we stroked her golden fur
one last time.

all the joy and love
she had given us.

She is so entrenched in my soul
that as my heart grieves for her physical body
to run and hike and dance with me…

She is within me
now in this magical moment
of joy in honor of my sweet girl.

I AM forever blessed and full of gratitude
that no words can really express this awareness
to continue my journey in the manner of joy as she lived.

High Five to the Triumph of Joy!

©2017 Te’ Werner
Excerpt from RISE & SHINE

©2017 Photo
Te’ and Her son with Angel Bailey along the river’s edge; Cowlitz River, WA







“The space had opened as another door of the not too distant past closed… ushering in their future.”

Every person wonders
even laments

that they have let the years slip by
until the only thing that is pulling them

is the beckoning
of the future.

To step boldly

with uncertainty
into the mystery

of vast possibilities
of the unknown.

To be open
to forge a new path

where they had never gone before…
their future.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2016 Te’ Werner
Excerpt from Rise & Shine

©2016 Photo Te’
Along the river’s edge; Cowlitz River, WA

A Tribute to my son who just graduated from high school!

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A Mother’s Reflection


I may have never held you in my arms as an infant,
welcoming you into the world through sweat and tears.

But I have held you in my heart like a precious being.
A whisper of love.

I may have not been there to celebrate your first words,
your first steps or your first birthday.

But I have held you in my heart as we celebrated together.

I may not have been there for many
of your very early years…

I can honestly say this now as a mother.
I have loved you since I first held you in my arms.

When I first welcomed you into my world as you welcomed me.
I have loved you for the first of our life together and always.

Thank you for the firsts you have shared with me,
both your sorrows and your triumphs.

I love you very dearly and am blessed too by your love.
As your ‘bonus’ mama.

©2016 Te’ Werner

©2005 Photo my two ‘bonus’ sons “Grinning in the Rain!”

I wrote this poem for my two bonus son’s who daily teach me to love…especially the things in life we don’t always understand or want too.

This poem is also written for those of us who have had the honour of being a mom without the stretch marks to prove it! 

Enjoy celebrating the wonder of being a mother! – Te’

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My Hero


“You have fought a good fight my dear friend!  You are now free to fly!” – Te’

For nearly thirty years she graced my life, as I graced hers…

“My learning took place in the quiet afternoons and Sunday mornings that I spent with my true teacher, Jean Lehnen. Her wisdom came not just in the few words she could muster, but the knowing of her heart that could be read in her eyes.

I was the one being taken care of those many hours I pushed her wheelchair down long hallways looking at art. Singing and listening to music together.

The leisure drives through the countryside and familiar neighborhoods as she would point at the direction in which she instinctively knew to direct me.

One of the only dozen phrases that she could say was, “Go and See!”

That would be her reply for anything in which I have asked the almighty question about whether to go down a certain path or not…”

“How does one fully ever know unless one “goes and sees?”

©2016 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Rise & Shine!

©2016 Photo Te’& Her Hero, Jean Lehnen; celebrating her 90th birthday 2013!



She found HerSelf
at a crossroads…

Standing. Looking
in all directions

of where she
may journey too.

Along came
an angel…

who asked to join
her journey.

they decided

to strike out a ways
for however long.

Sharing delight
in their connection…

to create magic
and celebrate joy!

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2016 Te’ Werner

©2016 Te’ with her angel; “Along the river’s edge” Columbia River, WA

I believe in angels on earth. People. Pets. Parents.
Those who come into our lives. Guiding us. Standing with us. Loving us.

Being at our sides… as we journey through life. For those angels in my life, you know who you are. This one’s for you! xo


Deliberate Steps


“Purposefully live in the moment. Take deliberate steps.” – Te’

Her steps
were deliberate
yet slow

Her steps
were deliberate
yet intentional

Every morning
she arose with
a sense of wonder

to walk to see “Her River”
with deliberate steps
where the river trail began

To take in the River
To see its beauty
To feel its strength

These deliberate steps
brought her her joy
her energy igniting her passion

To pause for a moment
before making her way
were where her journey

to her soul
along the River’s edge.

May you walk with a sense of wonder
as you take deliberate steps!

©2015 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Deliberate Steps Tribute to River Warrior Jo

@2015 Te’ Along the river’s edge; Columbia River, WA

Dear Trusting Warrior


Tell me how we as a country can support and give voice to your soul,
so we can embrace what we have carelessly taken for granted.

Dear Trusting Warrior,

I want to thank you
for what you brought home.

Truthfully, I don’t know what to thank you specifically about.
Because it feels so huge.

I only know that through your bravery…

To take another breath.
To gaze into the sky.
To feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

It takes courage.
To journey home to yourself.

For the freedom it offers.
There are simply these words…


Can you welcome yourself
with open arms
or allow another to do so?

Can you embrace yourself
as you are now
not who you once were
or who you one day want to be?

Can you celebrate yourself
your triumphs
as well as your challenges
and feeling defeated?

Can you love yourself
all the parts
that feel unloveable
and let others love you?

Can you forgive yourself
and others for any
wrong doing
or right action?

Can you rise to yourself
each day
and the next
and the next?

Can you bless yourself
and everything
by letting go?

Can you acknowledge yourself
your bravery
for being alive.
Helping others?

Can you create yourself
your life
into your own masterpiece?

Can you imagine yourself
once again
Being healed?

Can you honor yourself
without reservation
and still know regret?

Can you accept yourself
as you are
as you are?

Can you be yourself?
Will you?

©2015 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Trusting Warriors; “RISE & SHINE”

©2015 Te’ Photo
Fall Foliage; Bigfork, MT