Create Yourself


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

I spent several months writing in this journal. It was a wonderful daily reminder that every day…I get to choose how I wish to create my life.

What do you wish to create in your life?

Cheers to you!

©2015 Te’ Werner


Joy of the Journey


“Understandin’ usually comes at the end of a trail,
not at the beginning.” – Real Time Cowboy

As the summer ignites into autumn…
As another journey ends, another one begins.

Celebrate every triumph and joy of your journey!

©2015 Te’ Werner

2015 Photo Warrior Te’; Klickitat Trail, WA

Quiet Remembrance


She stood in the crowed stadium.
A long moment of silence.

With one hand on her heart,
the other wiping the steady stream of tears from her face.

The flag waving of Freedom.
Quiet remembrance…

What do you remember?

I remember courageous people…

Utter bravery.
Astounding stories.
Unseen angels.

What this passage of time has given me…

To honour life.
To have reverence for the sacredness of being alive.
To acknowledge gratitude daily.

I want to remember to send light…

To ease the wounds of loss.
To hold the space of love.
To guard what is sacred.

I want to remember to have faith…

To live in joy.
To recognize the working of the Divine.
To celebrate Triumph!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Standing in a moment of Quiet Remembrance…

The day after the horrific event on the world trade center towers at the Pendleton Roundup in Oregon, one of the ten largest rodeo’s in the world. 

It was one of the first times that she had felt blessed to be an American.
After being forced to denounce her Canadian citizenship when she was not yet sixteen.

Excerpted from her upcoming book: HIGH FIVE TO TRIUMPH!

Celebrate the Journey

Freedom of Being Courageous


Few of us find freedom in completely being ourselves. Courageous.

We fear being different.
Afraid of what others may think of us.

So we either conform
or adopt a, “I don’t give a shit attitude.”

We fear that if we do not keep striving, all that we are afraid of will catch up to us and hunt us down.

So we don’t stop long enough to reflect.
To draw on our own inner source of strength.

To trust
or be in a place of gratitude for this glorious, perfect moment of being alive.

We fear that if we speak the truth, the rawness of what we feel may not be accepted or understood. We may even experience rejection.

So we hold in our true feelings until our joy gets squelched.
Our soul becomes a distant echo of longing.

We fear loving others and ourselves because it hurts like hell to love.
To care.

So we act like we don’t give a damn.
We become somewhat hardened and may even shut down.

We may not be able to reach out and embrace the love that is always at our finger tips, the love that is within us.

We fear being courageous…

As if running around with our invisible capes helping others, often unsolicited, rather than acknowledge our own daily actions of courage.

So we become a rescuer.

Though we often overlook being the hero in our own life.
Of saving ourselves.

It’s tough.
It takes balls to be courageous, loving, brave, beautiful, honest and mindfully grateful.

So why not just accept the fact that we already are…

Beautifully brave.
Yes, alive and kicking ass!

High Five to the Freedom of Being Courageous!

©Te’ Werner

Bless you as you journey through your day…one moment at a time.

©2015 Te’ experiencing a glorious September Sunset last evening; Candy Mountain, Eastern Washington

Join the Journey!

Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer


“Go live your life. Create the story of your dreams…
Live with undeniable passion for the absolute gift of life that you are.” – Te’

Several years ago I had the great honor of being in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s presence for a writing conference by Hay House Publishing. I sat with a large group of fellow writers and felt the utter reverence of honoring the writer within myself. Listening to him share of his life’s journey and offer insights into writing from one’s soul.

“Extraordinary people have a rich inner life. A burning desire. An inner candle that never flickers. You know there is more. This burning desire is your excitement. The only time in your life when you are connected. That is what you makes you feel good.” – Dr. Dyer

To learn of his passing makes me feel gratitude for his wisdom that lives on in the path that he pioneered. May it inspire us to go live our dreams with passion.

High Five Dr. Wayne Dyer!

©2015 Te’ Werner
Excerpts from the upcoming book: HIGH FIVE TO TRIUMPH

Photo ©2013 Te’ Werner: Te’ with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Hay House Publishing, Writing From Your Soul Conference, Denver, CO