The sacred magic of life is your soul’s joy… She said.

Thank you for bringing sparkle by sharing this writing journey.

High five to Your Triumph!

©2019 Te’ Werner
excerpt from Her Rising

©2019 Photo
Te’s handwritten quoTe’





Your heart holds magic… She said.

Even when you feel frozen.
Love is your super power.

©2019 Te’ Werner

©2019 Photo
Te’ Winter Magic along the rivers edge; Cowiltz River, WA

Adventure Within


“Adventure within…that is where you find the truth.” – Te’ 

I AM in the process of returning from a short Sabbatical as the last weeks of winter turned into spring. Since the first of March I decided to not engage in social media.

When I deleted all icons from both by iPhone and iPad so the temptation was not there to lure me into endless checking for notifications to see what everyone else is up too. Or how many high fives from followers…

I felt liberated!

Not to say that I didn’t go through some withdrawals in this process. But it was time to give myself a break so that I could renew and focus on creating magic in my life.

For nearly three and a half years now. Pretty much every Wednesday with out fail. I have posted something. Even if only one liner’s and photos of magical moments.

In this writing journey I have connected with some really great people like yourself. From all over the world. It has helped me show up for myself each week.

To search within.
To share experts of my writing that have spoken to my soul and hopefully yours.

So as I return from ‘adventuring within’…I hope you may be inspired to find the truth within yourself and take your own adventure.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2017 Te’ Werner

©2017 Photo
Te’s handwritten quoTe’



We are all on a journey.

Different paths leading us somewhere…to there.

Right here.
Now where we are.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2016 Te’ Werner

©2016 Photo
Te’ with her angel Bailey Along the River’s Edge; Cowlitz River, WA

Join the journey


Create Your Own Path


Many times we walk a path
well worn from our past.

A path that is familiar.
A path in which we have thought we were suppose to be on.

Sometimes though life shifts.
Altering the course of our journey.

Taking us in a new direction.
Allowing us to create our own path.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2016 Te’ Werner

©2016 Photo
Te’ with her Angel Bailey along the river’s edge; Columbia River, WA



Everything works itself out in its own time…in its own way.

A person cannot go back
to how things were.

One can decide to go forward
from here on out…

Simply trust.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2016 Te’ Werner
excerpt from Rise & Shine!

©2016 Photo
Indian Paintbrush wildflowers at Mt Rainer, WA