What If?


What if
you didn’t make this all about them?

What if
you accepted responsibility for your feelings?

What if
you let in and trusted?

What if
you created a new path for yourself?

What if
you recognized the amazingness of your own being?

What if
you experienced joy?

What if
you simply were yourself?

What if?

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2019 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Rise & Shine

©2019 Photo
Te’ along the river’s edge; Columbia River, WA



Seems like it is necessary
to remember…

the magnificence
of our being alive

of living
of loving

Who we are.

High Five to Your Triumph!

I AM so excited to continue this journey of writing with you. Today. Here now in this amazing moment of being alive…as I sit in sunshine with my golden girl. I feel so much gratitude.

©2018 Te’ Werner
Excerpt from Rise & Shine

Te’ & Luna Girl sharing “Magical Joy ” along the river’s edge; Cowiltz, WA





Adventure Within


“Adventure within…that is where you find the truth.” – Te’ 

I AM in the process of returning from a short Sabbatical as the last weeks of winter turned into spring. Since the first of March I decided to not engage in social media.

When I deleted all icons from both by iPhone and iPad so the temptation was not there to lure me into endless checking for notifications to see what everyone else is up too. Or how many high fives from followers…

I felt liberated!

Not to say that I didn’t go through some withdrawals in this process. But it was time to give myself a break so that I could renew and focus on creating magic in my life.

For nearly three and a half years now. Pretty much every Wednesday with out fail. I have posted something. Even if only one liner’s and photos of magical moments.

In this writing journey I have connected with some really great people like yourself. From all over the world. It has helped me show up for myself each week.

To search within.
To share experts of my writing that have spoken to my soul and hopefully yours.

So as I return from ‘adventuring within’…I hope you may be inspired to find the truth within yourself and take your own adventure.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2017 Te’ Werner

©2017 Photo
Te’s handwritten quoTe’



I have never been to war to fight for freedom.
But I have crossed onto foreign soil
to take a stand.

I have never walked in your shoes
or experienced what you have.
But I have walked in mine.

I have not seen for my own eyes
the devastation of what you have.
But I have seen pictures that attempt to capture history.

I can tell you this.

You are brave.
You have walked, or been carried and even may still want to die.

You may feel so much grief that it grips you unexpectedly
in moment of great distress.

You may do your best to try and not see the images playing reruns in your mind,
yet they still may only appear more vivid in the darkness of night.

You are alive, breathing.

They taught you. Broke you.

To be strong.
To keep your emotions in check.

Now only to be encouraged to share and feel all that seems so hard to reach.

Why am I alive?
Why not me instead of him or her?

Would I be better off dead,
then here right now feeling half alive?

Seeing helplessness in the mirror.
Reflected back in another eyes.

How could She begin to possibly understand
or write about something that may bring hope or offer insight…
when the furthest She has ever been away from home by herself was 700 miles?

She does know of heart ache and loss.
Of loosing people close to her due to accidents and sickness. Old age.

She has seen the devastation of cancer.
The ravageous of a disease eating away at her papa’s once handsome face.

She has her own hidden emotional scars of feeling inadequate and afraid.
Feeling deep empathy for others that at times she cannot separate from herself.

Yet, she sits here in the bright morning sunlight.

Hearing the distance roar of the neighbors mower’s.
The song of birds outside her window.

How does this bring hope? Offer insight?
Through wielding of her pencil as it etches its way across the page.

Why is she sitting here alone?
With a thought so distant from what she woke up with.

To write with such conviction
on a topic she feels strangely drawn to…


The long held sorrow that carries itself within you for a love, a life you will never fully know again.

“Yet I write.”

As if I know first hand the battle scars you carry buried deep inside your soul.
Darkening your spirit of trust.

I see your pictures on facebook in my minds eyes of fishing in Montana.
Connecting with the most nurturing force of nature. Mother Earth.

I applaud your bravery.

To take another breathe.
To take another step, however painful.
To take another chance.

On living.
On yourself.
On life.

High Five to you the Trusting Warrior!

©Te’ Werner

Inspired by a Facebook post, TRUST that I had scrolled upon

This is what I wrote as my hand surged across the page.
Tears of reverence wanting to break free. To trust this moment. 

©2015 Photo Te’ Klickitat Trail, WA

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High Five to You!


For all the new people now following my work I want to first thank you and welcome you to joining this writing journey of “Triumph” with me!

After healing from several months of “walking pneumonia” and having my bestest friend ever crash, Mac, “my go to guy”, my laptop of nearly seven years…

I have had some time to take a new perspective on my writing journey.

Writing long hand has a way of slowing down the thoughts and helping us gain a ‘creative edge’ to creating.

It feels like new energy has emerged!

It was an honour to celebrate April National Poetry month and share some of my soul poetry with you. Thank you for your support.

I am continuing to post my weekly Writing Wizard blog on Wednesday’s! And I will continue to look forward to what else emerges as we continue to celebrate Triumph.

Your feedback and words of encouragement are a reflection of the amazing soul that you are. Thankful for the gratitude that I feel for each and everyone of you.

High Five to YOU!

Your fellow writing warrior,

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Be Your Own Warrior


Speak Your Truth
Honour Your Space
Be Your Own Warrior!

If something doesn’t feel right or is out of alignment with your values.
Or doesn’t resonate with your beliefs. Or hold true for you…

Speak your truth.

Be mindful of your choice of words.
Aware of how you present yourself.
Be clear.

It is your sacred right to be honest with another about how you feel. What you need.

Holding it in. Your anger. Your feelings. Your needs.
It can be harmful. It benefits no one.

I recall what Dr. Phil says about anger being a sign that we need to create or reestablish a boundary.

Feeling powerless.
Playing the victim.
Being passive aggressive.

Does not in any way shape or form honour ourselves or another.

Honour your space.

Boundaries get crossed every day. Spaces gets violated.

If we desire to live in a world of peace. In a space of peace.
We have to be willing to ‘be the warrior’ in our own lives.
It is that simple. Hard to do at times.

You have the power.

Speak from your heart.
People will try and push you.
Use your energy wisely.

Trust your instincts above all.

High Five to being your own Warrior!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

Photo ©2015 Te’ “Crossroads Old Building” Trout Lake, WA

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High Five to Yourself!


“High Five “ is something silly I began to do, to congratulate myself! Whenever I accomplished what I felt was really great, I would say out loud; “Great job Te’!” “Way to go sister!” “You are awesome!”

I would even “high five” myself in front of my boys. They still think I am a bit crazy. But hey, who isn’t?

Today I challenge us to “high five” ourselves. Feel the magic and power of acknowledging ourselves…because we are great. We are making a difference as we create. We are inspiring the world!

High Five to Yourself!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

©2015 Photo;  Warrior Te’

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Courage of Vulnerability


“To accept what we feel within ourselves is hard…It means vulnerability.

Fear of being exposed if the truth of what we feel is made known.”

High Five to our Courage!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

©2015 Photo Te’s Courage

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Quiet Resolve


To wake up to a down pour seems fitting to the mood I feel inside of me. Emotions flood my mind like the run off of the rain on my roof. I lay back in my bed and with each breath, imagine the water cleansing me, taking the residue of yesterdays fears and clearing my energy so that I can take the next very step closer to delving into writing the manuscript for my first book.

I have danced around it for days, years actually since I am being utterly honest. Have I always been this cautious to take a leap? Or have I simply allowed myself to fall into something? I seem to easily and often find myself in circumstances such as this where the walls of my life have closed in on me and I see only a narrow way out.

Today, I will move a little closer to the opening of myself. I will take these few precious moments of solace and I will face my fear of beginning. The rain is soothing to my soul. It’s as if the rhythm is keeping time with the thoughts to pour my self more consciously into my work. I take another deep breath. My second cup of coffee has long gone cold. I am tired. I have been thinking thinking entirely too much.

What would it be like to hire an official editor? Someone who would walk beside me, coaching me through this process of unending possibilities to get my vision out to the world. It is a sign of weakness? Am I looking once again outside myself for help when the answers are so neatly stuffed inside me waiting to be unfolded? I have spent the better part of my life coaching, inspiring and guiding others on their path through the journey of their lives. What would it be like to surrender to receive help? Is this the help that I am to seek?

I press on. In my quiet resolve of determined faith. The storm has not let up. I have opened up all the windows and the cadence of rain has found a pulse in my determination to trust that I am further on this path to completion than I realize. I have written the story of my life. Now as I reflect on where to take this work I will sit in quiet reverence as my hands move from key to key on my mac. I love that I can write.

A welling up inside me as I realize once again that this is my place in the world.

As I am. Now. In this moment of triumph!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

©2015 Photo Te’ Along the River’s Edge, Columbia River, WA


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