9952970E-4665-4988-AA78-BF09351D1182She lives in the magic of my joy…

As another month marks
the day that my Angel Bailey’s
physical body took its last breath

her spirit lingers longer within me.

As I let my grief wash over me
I am feeling both sorrow and love
That girl she sure knew how to love.

She gave hugs freely. She squealed with such delight when greeting those she adored. 

As I continue to make my way through the process
of grief I am knowing
to share her passing with you
as part of my healing journey.

It is hard when faced with such a loss
to open oneself up
to accept sympathy and well meaning words
of condolences.

Especially from those who think that a dog
is just a pet rather then a member
of your sacred circle
of unconditional love.

Now that I have had time
to see her empty bed space by our front door
to still hear the tinkle of her dog collar as I walk…

I begin to know that her spirit is never very far away.

She gave me the greatest gift of joy that will forever be imprinted on my soul.

High Five to My Angel Bailey!

©2018 Te’ Werner

©2017 Photo
Te’s Angel Bailey along the river’s edge; Cowiltz River, WA










As She made Her way along the river’s edge…crescent shadows fell across Her path.

The solar eclipse
of the century.

Bringing forth a new light
as the sun fully shone once again.

New energy emerged from within Her…
as crescent shadows cast their magic spell.

She felt light emerge out of the darkness… 
creating space to take hold of ones dreams. 

Love filled the spaces where fear and anxiety wanted to linger…creating space

to understand
to accept what is a given
to forgive what feels hard to heal
to trust the magic of our journey unfolding as we celebrate triumph!

High Five to Your Journey!

©2017 Te’ Werner
Excerpt from Rise & Shine

©2017 Photo
Te’ Solar Eclipse ‘Leo’ New Moon along the river’s edge, Cowlitz River, WA



Freedom in Forgiveness


There is freedom in forgiveness… She said

…but in my growing up years
I AM learning that in forgiveness

there is freedom.
There is more room and space for love.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2018 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Her Journal

©2018 Photo
Te’s handwritten journal; morning writing



A Mother’s Reflection


I may have never held you in my arms as an infant,
welcoming you into the world through sweat and tears.

But I have held you in my heart like a precious being.
A whisper of love.

I may have not been there to celebrate your first words,
your first steps or your first birthday.

But I have held you in my heart as we celebrated together.

I may not have been there for many
of your very early years…

I can honestly say this now as a mother.
I have loved you since I first held you in my arms.

When I first welcomed you into my world as you welcomed me.
I have loved you for the first of our life together and always.

Thank you for the firsts you have shared with me,
both your sorrows and your triumphs.

I love you very dearly and am blessed too by your love.
As your ‘bonus’ mama.

©2015 Te’ Werner

©2005 Photo my two ‘bonus’ sons “Grinning in the Rain!”


Triumph of Compassion

“I saw compassion today

she brushed my heart,

jostled me into the moment.

I felt her as she stood

before me, strong arms


Bringing me in closer

to myself.”

©2014 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from upcoming book of Soul Poetry: “Captured Moments!”

Photo ©2014 Goddess Te’

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Unspoken Silence


There is an unspoken silence…
that lingers in my heart and mind.
Edging its way out unto the page.

Words desperately needing to be shared
murmurings of peace
promises of hope.

But when?

Today the silence
wrapped its way around the sorrow
and took hold.

A deep sadness
of longing…

to set free
the fear..

of yesterdays
of long ago.

To give a voice
to dreams…

dreamed of

But how?
Would there ever be time…

to speak the truth
to be acknowledged
to be honest with one another

without judgment
or restraint
to be open

to understand
one another.
To love.

High Five to You!

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “Love” From the upcoming book of Soul Poetry: CAPTURED MOMENTS

Photo ©2014 “Purple Loosestrife” along the Columbia River, WA

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Your Soul Knows


Your soul knows.

You will find your true love when you are not looking.

Love may even come to you in your dreams.

Your thoughts will try and tell you what you think…

only your soul will recognize the essence of the love that lies waiting for you.

Within you.

©2014 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from upcoming book of Soul Poetry: CAPTURED MOMENTS

Photo ©2014 Te’ Werner

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I Know Love Today…

“I know love today, she brushed my heart & jostled me into the moment. I felt her as she stood before me, strong arms outstretched. Bringing me in closer…to myself.”

©2014 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book of Soul Poetry: CAPTURED MOMENTS

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