Courage to Rise & Shine


“Our soul guides us to this place of joy within us…to rise and shine!”

What happens when the dawn awakens

When you have felt enshrouded in doubt for so long?
Hope seemingly lost.
Second guessing the murmurings of your own soul.

How do you surrender to your own awakening?

When you feel cracked open
exposed and vulnerable
hugely alone
tired or afraid?

Will you go to your own mountain and have the courage to rise up?

When you know it is time to shine.
To make each moment count as you create your life.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2016 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Rise & Shine

Within you
is a wellspring of joy.

©2016 Te’ photo Along the River’s edge; Salmon River, ID

Life Shifts


“When the time to move on finds us…will we be willing or able to accept as ‘life shifts’?”

Life Shifts …

What we once knew
leaves us feeling unsettled.

How do we go from there?
From where we were?
Or from here where we do not yet know?

When every thing that we once knew shifts…

Promises broken.
Vows taken to honor and cherish.

When the time to move on finds us.
Will we be willing or able…

To simply surrender?
To everything?
To trust?

Life shifting us along.
Until we have settled back into ourselves.
Once again.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2016 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from High Five to Triumph!

©2016 Photo White Pass, WA



Before You


“The world before you, unknown.”

You stand.
As you are.

Awaken with the magic of what lies ahead
beginnings full of endless possibilities.

The world
before you.

Shrouded in the uncertainty
and endless possibilities.

You have climbed this peak before
but never has the light and fog

created such a world
of pure joy.

A world all its own
before you.

Above the clouds
where dreams dance freely.

Can you see that from where you stand?
Guided and surrounded with love…

as your world lays before you.

Cheers to the triumph of your journey!

©2016 Te’ Werner

©2016 Photo Te’; “Meadow at Trout Lake” Mtn. Adams, WA



a mother grieves the loss of her precious son.
For the words left unspoken.

families grieve for sons they will never hold again.
For the un-lived future these sons will never know.

our community ‘here’ grieves and blesses our sons.
For the love that they will always be to us.

©2016 Te’ Werner

©2016 Photo Te’ at “Lucy’s Pointe” Along the River’s Edge

Our son lost two of his fellow high school friends this week. One day after the other.

One took his last breath unexpectedly in the hallway during school. The next evening the other took his life deliberately.

Somewhere our grief finds us ‘sharing sorrow’ for…These sons. These friends. These souls.





What If?


What if I told you out loud?

All the things that you already know in your heart…all the things that you sense, feel and keep locked inside?

All the things you are afraid to speak for fear that by giving breath to them they may become more real?

Would you honor your own intuition?

What if I told you that you are right about everything?

About having been scared and too stubborn to sit to embrace the truth that lies buried behind the masks that we think disguise us.

Would you love more deeply?

What if I told you that I have too been afraid to trust?

To trust would require courage.
Courage I know we both embody but have yet to fully accept.

Would we be honest?

What if we were?

Simply ourselves…

©2016 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “High Five to Triumph!”

©2016 Photo Te’ Along the River’s Edge