Deliberate Steps


“Purposefully live in the moment. Take deliberate steps.” – Te’

Her steps
were deliberate
yet slow

Her steps
were deliberate
yet intentional

Every morning
she arose with
a sense of wonder

to walk to see “Her River”
with deliberate steps
where the river trail began

To take in the River
To see its beauty
To feel its strength

These deliberate steps
brought her her joy
her energy igniting her passion

To pause for a moment
before making her way
were where her journey

to her soul
along the River’s edge.

May you walk with a sense of wonder
as you take deliberate steps!

©2015 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Deliberate Steps Tribute to River Warrior Jo

@2015 Te’ Along the river’s edge; Columbia River, WA



So often we may not understand
or begin to comprehend
or even recognize

The divine nudge directing us…

To be there for another
To offer comfort
To create a space of compassion.

With our complete and full attention…
No agendas. No distractions. No rushing around.

Simply be present in the moment and listen.
With compassion.

©2015 Te’ Werner