Celebrate the Journey


“Our path always takes us to where we need to go.” – Te’


the clarity
the belief
the knowing

…that our path always takes us to where we need to go.

Sometimes it may take longer than we anticipate.
Sometimes we may be aware of where we are going.
Sometimes we simply need to enjoy the ride…

May we celebrate the journey!

©2015 Te’ Werner

“We arrive at ourselves. As if for the first time.” – Te’

©2015 Photo Te’ Sunday Afternoon Drive; White Pass, WA

Dreams Take Flight


Something shifted inside of her. Peace filled the places where fear had kept her locked within herself. She began to dream and believe in herself. Her dream took the first flight.

As she held her dying friend’s hand for the last time,
She wondered what dreams her friend had also let die.

What dreams had she held onto that never took flight?

She knew as she walked away from telling her good bye,
that I would no longer hold unto her own dreams…

She would set them free as she realized just how much life force she had yet to give.

She would begin writing her journey to Triumph!
And, so she began.

©2015 Te’ Werner

I’m honored to be featured as a Truthteller at Women For One!
You can read “Dreams Take Flight” here at womenforone.com/dreams-take-flight

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Enjoy the Journey


As you journey in your life.
As you travel where you need to go.

I hope you take notice of where you are now.
In the moment.

This beautiful,
breathtaking moment of being alive.

Follow your intention by being clear.
Keep it simple.

As you create ways to honor your place in the world.
Who you are. Your sacred self.

Be emotionally free.
Remember to have fun.

Enjoy the journey…
This is your soul’s triumph.

©2015 Te’ Werner

“She longed to know where she was going.
How she was going to get there from here…”

©2015 Photo Te’ Along the river’s edge; Columbia River, WA