Your Words


Sometimes She said, 

“The only words
that you have…

are the ones you write
are the ones you long to speak
are the ones you guard
are the ones you fear to say
are the ones you need to convey
are the ones you must utter
are the ones you know to be true
are the ones you must trust.”

As they are your words…

your breath
your lifeline of truth.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2017 Te’ Werner
Excerpt from Rise & Shine

©2017 Photo
Te’ handwriting Her words unto the page


Another Moment of Triumph

As I begin my day with prayer, mediation, and a cup of coffee…
the sun is coming up over the horizon.
I am taken into another moment of triumph.

The day dawns.
All that happened yesterday is past.

What is before me is the moment.

As I bring pen to paper to write.
I am brought into the sacredness of my soul.

I know of the passion to express the longing within me.

And as I stretch in the morning light in yoga, I breathe into the aches and tension…
remembering to bless the movement as I bow in gratitude.

My triumph is knowing that I am alive.

I have not always felt such rich passion for waking up.
Many mornings I have found the pillow covered over my head.

I have fumbled with my desire to write and get my words beyond the pages of my journals.
For years.

To know that I am here with you amidst these words.
Words that I have yearned to write.

Words that may be speaking to a hidden part of yourself that is seeking your own triumph.

I am filled with such joy. It is indeed a blessing to be in the intimate space of your life.
Where awareness meets your heart and the space comes alive within.

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “Another Moment of Triumph” From the upcoming book: HIGH FIVE TO TRIUMPH

Photo ©Alan Kowalski: Goddess Te’: Big Salmon, “River of No Return,” Riggins, ID