Adventure Within


“Adventure within…that is where you find the truth.” – Te’ 

I AM in the process of returning from a short Sabbatical as the last weeks of winter turned into spring. Since the first of March I decided to not engage in social media.

When I deleted all icons from both by iPhone and iPad so the temptation was not there to lure me into endless checking for notifications to see what everyone else is up too. Or how many high fives from followers…

I felt liberated!

Not to say that I didn’t go through some withdrawals in this process. But it was time to give myself a break so that I could renew and focus on creating magic in my life.

For nearly three and a half years now. Pretty much every Wednesday with out fail. I have posted something. Even if only one liner’s and photos of magical moments.

In this writing journey I have connected with some really great people like yourself. From all over the world. It has helped me show up for myself each week.

To search within.
To share experts of my writing that have spoken to my soul and hopefully yours.

So as I return from ‘adventuring within’…I hope you may be inspired to find the truth within yourself and take your own adventure.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2017 Te’ Werner

©2017 Photo
Te’s handwritten quoTe’


Be Your Own Warrior


Speak Your Truth
Honour Your Space
Be Your Own Warrior!

If something doesn’t feel right or is out of alignment with your values.
Or doesn’t resonate with your beliefs. Or hold true for you…

Speak your truth.

Be mindful of your choice of words.
Aware of how you present yourself.
Be clear.

It is your sacred right to be honest with another about how you feel. What you need.

Holding it in. Your anger. Your feelings. Your needs.
It can be harmful. It benefits no one.

I recall what Dr. Phil says about anger being a sign that we need to create or reestablish a boundary.

Feeling powerless.
Playing the victim.
Being passive aggressive.

Does not in any way shape or form honour ourselves or another.

Honour your space.

Boundaries get crossed every day. Spaces gets violated.

If we desire to live in a world of peace. In a space of peace.
We have to be willing to ‘be the warrior’ in our own lives.
It is that simple. Hard to do at times.

You have the power.

Speak from your heart.
People will try and push you.
Use your energy wisely.

Trust your instincts above all.

High Five to being your own Warrior!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

Photo ©2015 Te’ “Crossroads Old Building” Trout Lake, WA

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Courage of Vulnerability


“To accept what we feel within ourselves is hard…It means vulnerability.

Fear of being exposed if the truth of what we feel is made known.”

High Five to our Courage!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

©2015 Photo Te’s Courage

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Triumph of Writing! Truth Revealed…


It’s hard to remember the details of our life
the periods of time in our experience,

when we have tried so hard to forget
pushing away the memory.

I drive and try to remember what brought me here to having this experience
leaving behind such a deep connection with others.

One cannot go back to what was,
we must continue to move forward.

Let things evolve.

Writing allows us to be honest with ourselves.
To trust the truth…

the answers will be revealed
through the words that we write.

High Five to Triumph!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

©2015 Photo Te’ “Sunday drive, heading home”

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Unspoken Silence


There is an unspoken silence…
that lingers in my heart and mind.
Edging its way out unto the page.

Words desperately needing to be shared
murmurings of peace
promises of hope.

But when?

Today the silence
wrapped its way around the sorrow
and took hold.

A deep sadness
of longing…

to set free
the fear..

of yesterdays
of long ago.

To give a voice
to dreams…

dreamed of

But how?
Would there ever be time…

to speak the truth
to be acknowledged
to be honest with one another

without judgment
or restraint
to be open

to understand
one another.
To love.

High Five to You!

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “Love” From the upcoming book of Soul Poetry: CAPTURED MOMENTS

Photo ©2014 “Purple Loosestrife” along the Columbia River, WA

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Deep Waters


She had been “fishing” metaphorically in a river and had run out of line.
The more line she cast out, she always seemed to come up with nothing.

Perhaps, in letting go she could be free to live her life with joy.
Was this what she wanted? Was this for her highest good?

She knew that she would experience a transformation…
The core issue was not her’s to resolve. A fate beyond her control.

Who was she to say that she didn’t know what it was like to not be willing to deal with something? What the hell?

It felt like “they” did not want to confront things in order to disrupt perceived balance and harmony. Perhaps it is inherent in all of us. When it all comes down to facing our truths.

Don’t we all on some level struggle with making hard choices?
Facing hard facts?

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to recognize that some things are simply not meant to be. The only thing that there is to work out it to create a new plan.

Because I am telling you, I have been doing the same thing over and over again hoping, praying, demanding, begging and damn it, “expecting” a different result…

Knowing that it is down right crazy and insane.
It is fear or courage that keeps us in the game?

Cheers to Triumph!

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”