Dreams Take Flight


Something shifted inside of her. Peace filled the places where fear had kept her locked within herself. She began to dream and believe in herself. Her dream took the first flight.

As she held her dying friend’s hand for the last time,
She wondered what dreams her friend had also let die.

What dreams had she held onto that never took flight?

She knew as she walked away from telling her good bye,
that I would no longer hold unto her own dreams…

She would set them free as she realized just how much life force she had yet to give.

She would begin writing her journey to Triumph!
And, so she began.

©2015 Te’ Werner

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Love Found

A gentler, softer self emerged.

One that she recognized, yet had almost forgotten.


Where did this come from amidst the sorrow…

pressing on their hearts? A heaviness to their spirits?

Each day love found them, yet they were faced with pain.

How could something so innocent feel so raw and threatening?

They spoke with love in their eyes…they listened without judgment.

An understanding of trust also emerged, as their lives took on a whole new direction.

Where this would lead could only be journeyed, together. Stronger. United. Committed.

And they saw again through shared sorrow of what had brought them together once again.

Love. Love for each other. Love for one’s self.

©2012 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “Love” From the upcoming book of Soul Poetry: CAPTURED MOMENTS