Awaken to our own joy!

Sometimes meandering down a new path brings us unexpected magic…

just as writing from a clear space gives a fresh perspective.

High Five to Your Triumph!

2018 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Rise & Shine

Photo 2018
Te’s friend’s magical wildflower garden with Mtn Rainer as backdrop


Seems like it is necessary
to remember…

the magnificence
of our being alive

of living
of loving

Who we are.

High Five to Your Triumph!

I AM so excited to continue this journey of writing with you. Today. Here now in this amazing moment of being alive…as I sit in sunshine with my golden girl. I feel so much gratitude.

©2018 Te’ Werner
Excerpt from Rise & Shine

Te’ & Luna Girl sharing “Magical Joy ” along the river’s edge; Cowiltz, WA







“Enjoy the magic of captured moments…”

Guess what I did this morning? I walked along the river’s edge with my angel Bailey…watching the sunrise.

Captured a bit of river magic. My senses feel much more heightened when I walk in the early morning. I AM enlivened.

What brings you magic?

©2016 Te’ Werner

©2016 Photo
Sunrise Magic along the river’s edge; Columbia River, WA

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Let’ Play You & I


Let’s Play You & I
where the river runs free.

Let’s Play under a foggy sky
where the mist hovers.

Let’s Play & dance as if
we are fairies with golden wings!

Let’s Play & create magic
knowing we are artists.

Let’s Play You & I
and laugh ourselves silly!

Let’s Play & let go
of all the sadness.

Let’s Play & remember
our joy!

©2015 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from upcoming book of Soul Poetry: “Captured Moments!”

Photo ©2015 Te’ “Celebrating 7 yrs with my Angel Bailey!”

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