Listen to Your Intuition!

Talk about listening to our intuition. I got my arse kicked by the universe this morning let me tell ya!

As many of you know I am an avid river walker. Rain or snow, wind or sun…I walk every stinkin’ day!


Well, today a little voice nudged at me as I put on my down jacket to face frigid temperatures before I headed out for my morning walk along the river’s edge.

It wasn’t until I was turning around to head home from walking, when a young man in his late teens headed in my direction on the walking path. Getting a little too close to me as he passed by. Hmm! I said to myself. I had just seen this guy on his bike on the bike path…strange that he would be on foot. I no sooner went back to my thoughts and humming a song I heard earlier when I felt someone run up behind me. Startled I whirled around.

“What do you want!” I commanded as I starred into lost eyes. “Nothing!” the young man stammered back.

“Well you scared me!” I exclaimed and whirled back around and headed home.

Now I am 5’5” female, 110 lbs on a good day. This guy is well over six foot, about 180 pounds. It is freezing ass cold out. There is no one in sight. And I am surrounded by trees and bush on both sides of the path. What the hell! I have left my cell phone at home, charging. As many of you know that when you carry your cell phone around with you when its cold, it wears down the battery. So I didn’t bother.

I began humming and walking fast. Thanking my Angels for protecting me. But interestingly enough when I was prompted by my intuition to put pepper spray in my pocket before I headed out, I didn’t. I just left it on the shelf in our coat closet. Closed the damn door and off I went to walk in the beautiful cold sunshiny morning.

What is my lesson in this?

What about my energy drew this individual into my energy field?

What the hell should I have done that I didn’t?

Would I feel safe walking again, alone?

First my lesson is to listen. Heed the message. Even as small as a whisper. Archangel Michael is the protection angel and I was thanking him for being with me this morning.

Second, whether or not I had my pepper spray on me, the simple nudge that I would need it made me pay more attention. So I will give myself some credit there.

Third, I called the non emergency police department number…After I got home twenty minutes later. After I showered the fear off me. After I called my lover who needless to say warned me again about listening. “Te’ you of ALL people know.” “Say no more,” I replied.

I made a cup a tea and sat in the morning light and waited for an officer to call me. I wrote a description of the young man. His height, approximate age, his hair and eye colour. What he was wearing. What kind of bike he was riding. Okay so I have watched a few cop shows and worked closely with police officers in the past.

But this scared the shit out of me!

Fourth, I blessed the experience after the officer called me back. Good thing this wasn’t a real emergency eh!

More than likely the guy was in the park to get high! Based on his response to my standing strong I scared the shit out of him. This young man, more than likely was ditching class from school. Got a prayer from me.

Oh and the fact that I did not have my dog, my Angel Bailey with me on my walk made me give her a big hug when I got home.

I take a deep breath. The pounding in my head is keeping time with my hands as I write. I hope that you pay attention to the messages from the universe. Listen to your intuition. It is your God voice. The Divine speaking to you.

High Five to Triumph!