Be Your Own Warrior


Speak Your Truth
Honour Your Space
Be Your Own Warrior!

If something doesn’t feel right or is out of alignment with your values.
Or doesn’t resonate with your beliefs. Or hold true for you…

Speak your truth.

Be mindful of your choice of words.
Aware of how you present yourself.
Be clear.

It is your sacred right to be honest with another about how you feel. What you need.

Holding it in. Your anger. Your feelings. Your needs.
It can be harmful. It benefits no one.

I recall what Dr. Phil says about anger being a sign that we need to create or reestablish a boundary.

Feeling powerless.
Playing the victim.
Being passive aggressive.

Does not in any way shape or form honour ourselves or another.

Honour your space.

Boundaries get crossed every day. Spaces gets violated.

If we desire to live in a world of peace. In a space of peace.
We have to be willing to ‘be the warrior’ in our own lives.
It is that simple. Hard to do at times.

You have the power.

Speak from your heart.
People will try and push you.
Use your energy wisely.

Trust your instincts above all.

High Five to being your own Warrior!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

Photo ©2015 Te’ “Crossroads Old Building” Trout Lake, WA

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I Want To Be Free To Dream

Amazing to sit at the feet
of one’s own soul.

To honour the Divine within.
To celebrate Her. Today.


In this moment of passion.
Of knowing. Emerging…

I had been trying to force a writing
piece into submission.

Funny true statement.

First of February, on a Full Moon
I submitted “my stuff!”

Only the next day to receive a response in bold print,
“Does your submission call the reader to acton?”

I went back once again to my previous
writing piece, an journal excerpt

to “Follow the Thread.”
I fought an energetic battle of how

to bring this piece into new light.
How do I work this piece into,


Really, I should have gotten the first clue from the universe.
With the English definition of submission in mind…

I was trying hard to make this piece work.
To relate to the reader.

What I failed to see at the time when I was trying so hard,
was how to go back to my original writing piece and see

what I had been trying to follow in my own thread of writing.
“To not give up on my dream of having my book published.”

I had been clutching my pencil so tightly.
Clutching the words of my dreams so close,

that I had lost sight of giving them flight.
To letting go. To trust.

What are the reader’s wanting to read?
What engages them? What engages you?

How do I as a writer, a dreamer, a “souljourner”
convey a clear message of following our thread?

A thread of inspiration. Of insight. Of longing.
To bring forth our dream. Our passion?

Clouds filter through the morning sky.
Airplanes criss cross overhead.

We live on a flight pattern
from the Tri Cities to Seattle, Washington.

“How can my dreams take flight?
Where can my dreams travel?”

These are questions to ask ourselves.
To seek within our soul…

for what holds true for you.
In this moment.

I want to be free to fly don’t you?
To let the sun burn through my desire.

To feel ignited with such intensity.
To break out in song as the birds.

In the back of my mind truth be told,
I often compare my work, my writing

with other fellow writers, poets, and authors.
I am not them.

But can I be free to be myself?
Can we? Ourselves? Be as we are?

Letting the clouds of self-doubt pass over us,
while remaining true to our dreams.

Our calling. Our divine purpose.
Our soul’s cry. Our passion.

As we journey through this life.
Our day.

“I Want to Be. Free. To dream.”

To follow my thread of inspiration…
without restraint of trying to be any which way.

I want to be free to fly don’t you?|
To be as clear as I can.

As I am. Now in this moment with you.
For today. I am excited.

My dreams are taking flight.
I hope your dreams are as well.

I believe in you.
Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

High Five to Triumph!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

©2015 Photo “Along the River’s Edge” Columbia River, WA

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Triumph of Freedom!

It’s funny how we willingly settle in our lives to make something work isn’t it?

Knowing what we want.
Knowing what we need.
Knowing what we desire.

We compromise ourselves by thinking we can’t have it.
Or worse yet that we are not deserving enough.
By doing this we go against…

Our inner knowing.
Our God voice.
Our intuition.

As we begin to trust ourselves, we reclaim our power…

Our birthright.
Our personal energy.
Our force of internal strength.

In my journey of triumph I have come to realize that in this moment of being aware…

We are brave.
We can create a new path.
We can celebrate our own freedom.

May you claim your own power as you are intended too.

Cheers to the Triumph of Freedom!

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “Freedom Reigns” From the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

Photo ©2013 Te’ Celebrating Life!

Deep Waters


She had been “fishing” metaphorically in a river and had run out of line.
The more line she cast out, she always seemed to come up with nothing.

Perhaps, in letting go she could be free to live her life with joy.
Was this what she wanted? Was this for her highest good?

She knew that she would experience a transformation…
The core issue was not her’s to resolve. A fate beyond her control.

Who was she to say that she didn’t know what it was like to not be willing to deal with something? What the hell?

It felt like “they” did not want to confront things in order to disrupt perceived balance and harmony. Perhaps it is inherent in all of us. When it all comes down to facing our truths.

Don’t we all on some level struggle with making hard choices?
Facing hard facts?

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to recognize that some things are simply not meant to be. The only thing that there is to work out it to create a new plan.

Because I am telling you, I have been doing the same thing over and over again hoping, praying, demanding, begging and damn it, “expecting” a different result…

Knowing that it is down right crazy and insane.
It is fear or courage that keeps us in the game?

Cheers to Triumph!

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”