“For many of us writing creates its own course of direction…”

It is a force all its own.
Taking us the writer on a journey that we may choose to share or not.

We as a writer may command this creation… 

of self expression
of the telling of the story
or orchestrating a melody of poetic narrative.

Wherever it leads us it is up to us to follow its insight…

Where else can one wield such power?
If not for the use of one’s own words?

Writing does not need to be about slandering the ignorant
or judging an uninterested party.

Writing can provide a way
to be our own active participant in our life…

of which from an outside perspective
we may also appear as an observer.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2018 Te’ Werner
Journal writing excerpt

©2018 Photo
Te’s writing companion Scalley Cat





Be In Awe


Have patience with yourself…be in awe.

As a writer we often push ourselves
to get a word onto the page.

To express a thought.
To recapture a memory.
To tell a story.
To simply write.

Perhaps today one sentence is enough.
Who knows where it may lead…

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2017 Te’ Werner

©2017 Photo Te’ along the river’s edge; Cowlitz River, WA



“What begins to emerge within oneself is a profound discovery…” – Te’

How do we begin to know ourselves?
The longing deep inside our soul to belong.

I believe it is a highly personal journey…

To discover our own soul.
To recognize the essence of who we are.

No where along the beginning of my journey
did I fully see how one was to go about finding oneself.

The more that I lived out my days.
Following seemingly long treks into my past,

did I come to see that I was emerging…
as myself.

By my daily practice of being with my sacred self.

Through my morning writing.
Moments of meditation and yoga stretches.

More writing, about my dreams and simple pleasures.
My days began to fill with gratitude.

I began to strike up a rhythm with my breath.
My breathing brought me into the present moment.

What began to emerge within myself was a profound discovery…

Each of us at some point in our lives
begin to search for what lies “within” us.

Breaking through the barriers of self doubt,
numerous fears and feelings of failure…

become treasures of self discovery
waiting to emerge.

In these moments of self reflection
especially when we begin our day

can be a very enriching experience.

Enriching in the sense that we can create magic.
That we can celebrate triumph in our lives.

So many friends along the journey
of my “souljourn” blessed my life

as they continued to believe in me.

They held me up with their love and
gentle reminders of who I AM.

Especially during my darkest hours.

My wish, my prayer for you is that as you journey to your soul,
that you honor your sacred self as you emerge!

©2015 Te’ Werner

©2014 Photo Te’ Along the river’s edge; Klickitat River, WA