My Hero


“You have fought a good fight my dear friend!  You are now free to fly!” – Te’

For nearly thirty years she graced my life, as I graced hers…

“My learning took place in the quiet afternoons and Sunday mornings that I spent with my true teacher, Jean Lehnen. Her wisdom came not just in the few words she could muster, but the knowing of her heart that could be read in her eyes.

I was the one being taken care of those many hours I pushed her wheelchair down long hallways looking at art. Singing and listening to music together.

The leisure drives through the countryside and familiar neighborhoods as she would point at the direction in which she instinctively knew to direct me.

One of the only dozen phrases that she could say was, “Go and See!”

That would be her reply for anything in which I have asked the almighty question about whether to go down a certain path or not…”

“How does one fully ever know unless one “goes and sees?”

©2016 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Rise & Shine!

©2016 Photo Te’& Her Hero, Jean Lehnen; celebrating her 90th birthday 2013!


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