Courage to Rise & Shine


“Our soul guides us to this place of joy within us…to rise and shine!”

What happens when the dawn awakens

When you have felt enshrouded in doubt for so long?
Hope seemingly lost.
Second guessing the murmurings of your own soul.

How do you surrender to your own awakening?

When you feel cracked open
exposed and vulnerable
hugely alone
tired or afraid?

Will you go to your own mountain and have the courage to rise up?

When you know it is time to shine.
To make each moment count as you create your life.

High Five to Your Triumph!

©2016 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Rise & Shine

Within you
is a wellspring of joy.

©2016 Te’ photo Along the River’s edge; Salmon River, ID


3 thoughts on “Courage to Rise & Shine

  1. Sometimes the mountains seem so high! I will hold my head up and walk on, one step at a time. The sun is shining and a new day awaits! Blessings to a special lady

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