Dear Trusting Warrior


Tell me how we as a country can support and give voice to your soul,
so we can embrace what we have carelessly taken for granted.

Dear Trusting Warrior,

I want to thank you
for what you brought home.

Truthfully, I don’t know what to thank you specifically about.
Because it feels so huge.

I only know that through your bravery…

To take another breath.
To gaze into the sky.
To feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

It takes courage.
To journey home to yourself.

For the freedom it offers.
There are simply these words…


Can you welcome yourself
with open arms
or allow another to do so?

Can you embrace yourself
as you are now
not who you once were
or who you one day want to be?

Can you celebrate yourself
your triumphs
as well as your challenges
and feeling defeated?

Can you love yourself
all the parts
that feel unloveable
and let others love you?

Can you forgive yourself
and others for any
wrong doing
or right action?

Can you rise to yourself
each day
and the next
and the next?

Can you bless yourself
and everything
by letting go?

Can you acknowledge yourself
your bravery
for being alive.
Helping others?

Can you create yourself
your life
into your own masterpiece?

Can you imagine yourself
once again
Being healed?

Can you honor yourself
without reservation
and still know regret?

Can you accept yourself
as you are
as you are?

Can you be yourself?
Will you?

©2015 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from Trusting Warriors; “RISE & SHINE”

©2015 Te’ Photo
Fall Foliage; Bigfork, MT


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