Triumph to Rise & Shine


I had the honor of meeting Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita on a flight from Denver to Seattle in the Spring of 2013 when I was returning home from a writing conference.

Her face was glowing as she was taking pictures from our airplane of Mt Rainer where she was on her way to be a Sherpa for the summer.

Pasang was the first Nepalese woman to climb the summit of Mount Everest. She shared with me her story of how she continued to train in spite of what others told her.

To learn that she is now in the midst of Nepal giving of herself to help her country. I wanted to share Pasang’s amazing strength and determination to be of service.

A friend of her’s wrote this poem of Triumph that greatly speaks of the soul of Nepal:

“Nepal faced catastrophe
But we still have the hope…
Hope that our mother will rise again!!!
Because every end is the start of a ”New Beginning”
And when this cold breeze calms down…
Our glory will again shine…
And she will again smile
But for that…She needs you now.
Help her in every possible ways you can.
If nothing, at least quench thirst of needy people
or give your helping hands to her!!!
Along with prayings do a bit from your level!!!
Don’t complain the government…
It is not only a problem of small area
And when you donate make sure that your donation reaches in the right place.
This is just a time phase…
We know we will rise and shine again!!!”
by सोनाम जाङबु शेर्पा 

May we be inspired to Rise and Shine!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Photo courtesy of Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita near Kathmandu, Nepal


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