Simply Write


“I simply write. I have learned that without my writing, I am lost.” – Te’

Why Write?

To have a new awareness. To see the world with new eyes.

To have the courage to be honest with your feelings.
To see your strengths shine through your fears.
To be brave. To speak your truth.

Where else can we freely say what we want to say?

This is simply why I write:

“To say the things I wish to say, but do not always know how to say them out loud!”

Write to give a voice to your fears.
To your challenges. To your dreams. To your soul.

Write to be heard. Beyond the words.
Write to understand. Other’s and yourself.
Write to listen. To your soul speak.

High Five to Simply Write!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Inspired by a message I received about writing piece posted: 4.22.15 “It Takes Courage” 


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