It Takes Courage


It Takes Courage.

To take a different prospective.
To step back or away.
To look at our situation with new eyes.

We must be willing to see what is being shown us.

Not just what we want to see.
Or think we are seeing.
Or how it should look.

Because usually things are not as they appear…

It is how we approach what we see.
How we take action or choose to react.
How we are willing to face what is.

It takes courage.

When I began writing this book,
it took on many shapes and forms.

It began to take on a voice of its own.
Calling me to let the words speak for themselves. 

As courageously as I possibly could.

Along the way, everything shifted.

My inner pain of feeling fearful,
my perceived outer bravery
began to work together.

We struck up quite a rhythm.
Somedays quite truthfully,
I was out numbered.

As I began to get out of may.
A new way formed.
A direction in my journey was created.

“It was like all the years of self doubt and determination decided to write a song that began to deeply and quite profoundly resonate with my soul.

I heard “Her” more deeply.

It didn’t feel like a fanciful dance where the music ends.
Where you are left standing alone on the dance floor of your life.

The song carried into my days freeing the ache of my longing.
Filling my dreams with messages that I could create magic…

Bringing into my life honour for myself. My dreams. Others.”
It takes courage to look at our lives, our work and let it unfold.

High Five to Courage!

©2015 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!

©2011 Photo “Te’ Hiking” Palm Desert, CA

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