Shadow of my past…fading


Shadow of my past…fading.

I really don’t know when my writing voice
became that of my soul speaking to me.

I only know that in this moment,
I am no longer bound by my past.

After spending nine months writing,
giving birth to my journey of triumph…

I came to finally realize
that I was no longer ‘that person.’

The shadow of my past…

As I stepped into
the embrace of my self.

My soul.

High Five to Triumph!

©2015 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!

©2015 Photo “Goddess Te’: Along the River’s Edge” Columbia River, WA

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One thought on “Shadow of my past…fading

  1. This speaks volumes! As one of your avid readers, I am curious: Could you share about your photo at the top of your blog? What is the story behind that beautiful moment?

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