Freedom…Who Am I?


First I had to find out who I was not…
Thus the unraveling of the thread to truth began.

Who am I?

So often over the course of our life we may have found that we are pushed into making decisions! Being in relationships or taking jobs that we did not exactly feel comfortable taking or doing. We simply did them because we grew up doing what was expected of us.

In 1998, my divorce was the first time that I allowed myself the freedom of stepping away from my marriage of nine years, as I began to honour what I was feeling. Because I didn’t have the emotional maturity at the time I continued to find myself looking to be rescued. I would do this again. And again. Wanting someone else to make it all better. Hopefully, for the last time.

When I was younger, my feelings seemed safer to be kept to myself. It created an emotional overload on my system. It caused a midlife meltdown, and the process of getting to know who I am began. Understanding that there was going to be difficult times in my passage “through” did not discourage me as much as the fact that I felt that this process was taking too damn long.

Taking responsibility for oneself is not an easy thing. Many of us avoid it at all costs. There is a price for personal freedom. Having been learning to trust in this lifetime, I only share what I have and am experiencing. It only seems fair to me to let you know it is from my heart and soul that I write of this journey of triumph.

May these words encourage you to know who you are…

To begin the steps to see your life as a place to retreat too,
to reflect.
to simply be with yourself.

It takes as long as it takes they say. They are right I suppose. It does. Welcome the gift to know “Who you are… and to answer, “I am.”

Cheers to the Triumph of Freedom!

©2015 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

Photo ©2015 Te’s Spring Cherry Tree Blossoms

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2 thoughts on “Freedom…Who Am I?

  1. The idea of self-reflection really resonates with me. Something Madonna said once in an interview really stuck with me, she said-What was I thinking? is usually the question that begins a journey of self reflection and awareness. I believe you are on the path to becoming your best self!

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