Live Dangerously


I am daringly inspired by this perspective of living dangerously!

A view brought to me by my dear artist friend and fellow writer,

Gordon Hays who has his own radio show called, “The Good Life with Gordon”.

Recently on his show, he discussed how you can choose to “live dangerously by putting yourself out there…

By finding ways to express yourself creatively.”
With passion.

I have come to know that your purpose is your passion.
It is your calling.

That which you find yourselves totally, utterly and completely immersed in.
That which you lose yourself in creatively.

For me it is writing!

What is your passion?
What makes you come alive?

To live dangerously…

May be threatening to others who are comfortable with who you are now.
When you change they may either be inspired by you or perhaps threatened.

Danger presents risks. Uncertainty. New Possibilities.
It is a bit wild. But don’t we all have a wild side within us?

High Five to living a dangerous life!”

©2015 Te’ Werner

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Also, go check out Gordon Hays


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