Journey of Writing


Te’ invites you, to journey with her as she writes her first book, a memoir “High Five to Triumph!” It is her hope that you will listen to your own soul speak as you read the stories of her life. Perhaps along the way, you will remember a few stories of your own. May this be an inspiration to “let your dreams take flight!”

Many of us hold onto our dreams and never set them free to be out in the universe. We all can experience daily triumph in our lives by how we bless and celebrate our experiences. An acknowledgement of the Divine within.

Why is it so challenging to see your life as a daily triumph? The simple response is that we think we have to accomplish something really big. Climb the tallest mountain. Run the fastest race. Paint the greatest masterpiece. It really is a matter of perception.

I hope that your new year is bringing you great joy & Triumph!

Cheers to You!

©2015 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from upcoming book: “High Five to Triumph”

©2011 Photo Alan Kowalski: “Ocean Point” Arch Cape on the Northern Oregon Coast

Te’ invites you to join her journey

As well she invite you to visit her website



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