High Five to Introverts!


So often those of us who are Introverts are greatly misunderstood wouldn’t you agree?   We tend to need our space…To create. To think. To renew our energy.

Living in an extroverted world can be exhausting. Being out in the world requires energy. Funny how we get our energy from being quiet while extroverts tend to draw on the “vibes” of those around them.

I read this article today on “How to Understand an Introvert” in Huffington Post featuring the work of artist Roman Jones which I posted on facebook that you can link to below.

If nothing else to bring a bit of laughter into your day and affirm the quiet space we need to bring our voice, our art and work out into the world.

High Five to Introverts!

©2014 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

Photo ©2014 Te’

I invite you to join the journey https://www.facebook.com/tewernertriumph



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