The Art of Perfect

How many times had she waited for…

The perfect moment. The perfect time. The perfect beginning.

To begin?


She thought of all the things that she “had” to do. All of the things that she “wanted” to do. Everything that she had dreamed of doing.

She realized she had been afraid of failing. Afraid of even trying. Afraid that she wouldn’t do it right. Simply afraid that she wouldn’t know how or may not meet another’s approval or feel supported in her endeavors.

All the fears that she had as a child somehow carried themselves into her adulthood.

She grew weary of carrying her past around with her, so she began to let go of trying so hard. Of being afraid. She found her freedom in courage. She began to embrace herself. She felt compassion. She knew love. She began to love her perfect self.

High Five to Triumph!

©2014 Te’ Werner

Excerpted from “Perfect Order” From the upcoming book “High Five to Triumph!”

Photo ©2014 “Fall Foliage Along the River’s Edge” Columbia River, WA

NoTe’: on the art of perfect. Recently I had a conversation about how we hide behind our perfectionism. Most often we do not get much completed, at least as much as we would like too.  Thinking that what it is we want to do must somehow be perfect before we begin it. This awareness is most freeing. Liberating actually. It really helps explain a great deal as I am creating wholeness. I think back on all the things in my life that I haven’t done. The things that I have struggled to get done. Or am afraid of beginning. So, I begin.

May you breathe a little freer today as you powerfully claim your perfect self.

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