In Remembrance of Freedom

We drove past hundreds of American flags as the sky settled into evening. The flags lined the cemetery like soldiers standing at attention. A slight breeze carried with it the strength of Freedom. Representing the courageous and brave souls who have gone before us.

What had the day held for others?

As I clutched a garden bouquet of roses to honour the memory of one of my heroes, I remembered what he had shared with me weeks before his passing that he always remembered his friends on Memorial Day whom had passed because he did not want them to be forgotten.

In remembrance of Freedom, I share this moment of Triumph with you.


Where had the years gone
weathered with time..
full of memories
held close.

Would the days
reveal any hope
for a love
she always knew.

How could
it be possible.
Was anything

She felt raw
deeply forsaken
for one more moment.

He was gone.
He had left
a word.

Taking his last breath between darkness & dawn.

What had always been was no longer.
Yet, how could this be?
He would always remain in her heart.
A part of her.

She would go on.
She could.

It would take fierce courage
as she held unto to love.

A part of her soul forever.

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “In Remembrance of Freedom” From the upcoming book of Soul Poetry: CAPTURED MOMENTS

Photo ©2014 Alan Kowalski: Te’ at Sunset Memorial Gardens: Richland, WA


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