You Are Enough

You Are Enough!

At the core of each of us is a need.
A desire to be deemed worthy.

When we enter life we are somehow
through the years, taught…

that if we only did more,
acted a certain way or not.

Behave just so, look just right
we would be good enough.

Then, we enter into friendships,
relationships and begin to get…

a sense that perhaps “they” may be able to
make us feel better by doing something for us.

Or if we did something more for them
we might feel more worthy.

But what about ourselves?
Who is responsible for us?

Not all of us learn to depend on others,
to do or give us something.

We may be independent
but the yearning to be enough, to be more is there.

So we buy ourselves things.
More things.

Some of us even hoard things to feel safe.
But where in our lives do we begin to realize,

to acknowledge that we are good enough?
Worthy enough as we are.

Without seeking outside ourselves.
For reason only we can look at,

within ourselves to simply be enough.
To say, “I am enough.”

Wholeness by no means means perfection.
It means you are perfectly whole as you are.

You are Enough!

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from: “I am Enough” From the upcoming book: “High Five to Triumph”


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