Another Moment of Triumph

As I begin my day with prayer, mediation, and a cup of coffee…
the sun is coming up over the horizon.
I am taken into another moment of triumph.

The day dawns.
All that happened yesterday is past.

What is before me is the moment.

As I bring pen to paper to write.
I am brought into the sacredness of my soul.

I know of the passion to express the longing within me.

And as I stretch in the morning light in yoga, I breathe into the aches and tension…
remembering to bless the movement as I bow in gratitude.

My triumph is knowing that I am alive.

I have not always felt such rich passion for waking up.
Many mornings I have found the pillow covered over my head.

I have fumbled with my desire to write and get my words beyond the pages of my journals.
For years.

To know that I am here with you amidst these words.
Words that I have yearned to write.

Words that may be speaking to a hidden part of yourself that is seeking your own triumph.

I am filled with such joy. It is indeed a blessing to be in the intimate space of your life.
Where awareness meets your heart and the space comes alive within.

©2014 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “Another Moment of Triumph” From the upcoming book: HIGH FIVE TO TRIUMPH

Photo ©Alan Kowalski: Goddess Te’: Big Salmon, “River of No Return,” Riggins, ID


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