Remembering My Dear Fellow River Warrior

Remembering 13 March a year ago today.

As I awaken gently this morning.
I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and well being.

As I walked along the river with my dog, Bailey.
I felt my heart expand and touch the heavens.

It was only moments after sunrise
when I had awaken.

To learn that my dear friend
had taken her very last breath.

The earth sighed.
The eagles had taken their flight home.

I carried thoughts of you in my mind
repeating the tapes of yesterday.

How long had I watched you
…hold on?

Never wanting to give up.
To fight until then end.

You gave me the determination,
To listen to what is real and true for myself.

And I began again to write,
with a passion well deserved.

Heaven and earth met yesterday
As you passed from this life, unto the next.

Thank you for the nine and a half years of friendship
watching eagles together and talking of health and life.

My vitality merged with your failing body.
My sunshine met the darkness of your disease.

Today we can all gather to remember you
As we each knew you to be.

Until we meet again,
I will look for you when the eagles takes flight.

Returning late next fall
So that we may soar together once again.

Amy M., my fellow river warrior and dear friend.
I send you every blessing for this moment in time.

River Warrior
13 March 2013

©2013 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “Dreams Take Flight” From the upcoming book: HIGH FIVE TO TRIUMPH

Photo ©2012 Te’ Werner: Eagle in Flight, Along the River’s Edge: Columbia River, WA


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