My Triumph!

One year ago today I received a call from a publisher asking me about my book. What book? How did they get my cell phone number to call me? I held my phone to my ear in earnest. I found myself sharing a dream of my mine that I had been carrying around for nearly twenty years.
Twenty five years of daily writing. Laments. Dreams. Heart ache. Joys. Inspirations. Page after page in my journals. Filling notebook after notebook. When had I become a writer? The wizard of my own words?

It was amidst the many lines that I wrote between that I began to find my voice. And in the moment that I heard the publisher say that they would be very interested in publishing my book. My first. My passion. I realized that I would have to produce a manuscript. And I began that day to outline the story of my dreams into reality.

It began with a breath. A word. A sentence. The story looming before that I had yet to live. Daily I took steps to get closer to myself. To find the answers to the many questions that I asked. Somedays, my progress seemed impressive. And others it seemed that I had barely moved forward. The fact that I had moved at all astonished me even more.

Having declared triumph in my life.
I only began to fully understand the impact of what this really meant.

So I began my quest to write the story of my life as I lived the moments of each day.
It has been a journey.

A joyous and full experience. My solitude became my nemesis. A daily battle with self.
A sojourn of my soul.

1 they were beaten in the final by their nemesis archrival, adversary, foe, opponent, arch enemy.
2 this could be the bank’s nemesis downfall, undoing, ruin, ruination, destruction, Waterloo.
3 the nemesis that his crime deserved retribution, vengeance, punishment, just deserts; fate, destiny.

In these moments of quiet surrender I found that I had something to share.
I could not continue to live the life in the manner that I was living and remain alive.
That is a rather bold statement to make. One that could be easily misconstrued.

misunderstand, misinterpret, misconceive, misapprehend, mistake, misread; be mistaken about, get the wrong idea about, get it/someone wrong.

Yet I set out each day to make a little more progress on my experiencing daily triumph.
I began to also experience self defeat. When my expectations exceeded reality.

It has taken me many many years to bring this dream forward into my future of the present moment. To share with you my journey has been one of my most courageous acts. I want to thank you now for being a part of my victory. I hope that this writing that I am sharing with you will inspire you to celebrate triumph in your own life.

What is it that you wish to triumph in?

©2013 Te’ Werner
Excerpted from “My Triumph’ From the upcoming book: HIGH FIVE TO TRIUMPH

Photo ©2013 Te’ Werner: “Morning Writing in Sunshine


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